House Design for the Elderly from Plansource, Inc.

2044 2 Master Suites 


A recent study has determined that up to 20% of all baby boomer households will have an elderly parent living with them.  In many cases, the elderly remain in sufficient good health to not have to be confined to an assisted living facility or nursing home.  However, they still need occasional assistance on a day to day basis.

Most homes have not been designed to meet this new demand.  A home must make all of its occupants comfortable, and privacy is a necessity for everyone.   Additional considerations such as wider openings, grab bars, and easier door handles are amenities that can make living a bit easier for those elderly occupants.

Plansource, Inc. has a catalog of pre-designed homes and duplexes for the Florida market, all of which can be viewed on our website,  While our home plans come in many various sizes, widths, and configurations, we recognize that we cannot have a pre-designed home for every situation.  That is why we offer our customization service for each and every plan in our catalog.  It is important to us that our plans are viewed as a starting point to develop the home of your dreams.  This is where experienced design creates the difference.

An example of what we can do is our Plan 2044.  We have taken that house, and revised a section of it to allow for an elderly parent to have their own private living quarters within the home.  Thought has been put into privacy, security, and safety.  This is only an example of any number of changes that can be performed on our plans.

Since its inception in 1996, Plansource has focused on quality design and service for all of its clients. Because the firm focuses only on residential design, Plansource is able to fully understand the needs of its clients, and the markets they build in.

The principal of Plansource, Randall W. Smith, AIBD, has an extensive background in residential construction and design. He grew up in a homebuilding family, and has since gained experience with two national home builders, and a national residential design firm prior to deciding to meet the challenges of establishing his own design firm.

The work of Plansource is throughout Florida and the South. The work is varied and includes many types of construction techniques and housing types. Mr. Smith’s experience includes single-family houses, multi-family townhouses, condominiums, and amenity buildings for communities.


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6 Responses to “House Design for the Elderly from Plansource, Inc.”

  1. foubbalay Says:

    Nice site=) will come back soon.

  2. plansource Says:

    Thanks. We work hard to create each person’s vision of home.

  3. DL-Phenylalanine Dosage : Says:

    our door handles broke easily that is why we are now using tempered steel or tempered bronze’.~

    • plansource Says:

      It is very important when choosing the accessible items that they are designed for that purpose. Always shop around, compare quality, and buy the best you can afford.

  4. Matt Mulch Says:

    This home design is interesting, sort of a classical style. What makes it elderly-specialized, excactly? Because I’m 32 and I could live in that house.

    • Plansource, Inc Says:

      That is the beauty of the plan. It is called “aging in place”, and you do not have to feel as if you are living in a retirement home no matter your age. If you were to grow old in that house with your spouse, or move your elderly parents in, you each have your separate spaces, hence the larger two master suites. The kichen is a universal design that can be used by those less mobile, and the doorways have been enlarged for the same reason. There are also many items that are not shown on the artwork drawings such as the selection of hardware, door knobs, faucets, cabinet layouts, exact shower design, wc choices, and other considerations that an older person might consider more helpful and useful.

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